Workshop Day: Drumrecording & Mixing

18 Jun 2017
12:00 bis 18:00
Workshop Day: Drumrecording & Mixing
18 Jun

Drum recording & Mixing
Our next workshop day for the audio engineering department consists of 2 different workshops. On this day you will participate in both workshops and get an insight into the world of mixing and drum recording.

To be able to produce a song which sounds as good as we are accustomed to, not only a great artist is required but also a also a great audio engineer. In this workshop you would have the opportunity to get the basic impression of the workflow inside the recording studio. We would demonstrate how an audio engineer deals with mixing recorded music and you would even get a chance of using the mixing desk yourself.

Recording Drums
In most musical production drums are being recorded. In this workshop we would demonstrate the basics of professional drum recording. Experiment with microphones and learn about the tricks and tips from the industry professionals.

Language: English