Meet the Professionals mit Gad Hiniks - "100% Hands On Experience" Polyjamer Music App

22 Feb 2017
19:00 bis 21:00
22 Feb

Gad is a tech head, a multitalented musician, an incredible entertainer and a creative mastermind from Israel. Now living in Berlin Neukölln.

He's latest venture is the social music game app Polyjamer. He will give a show case on his new digital music collaboration system to SAE students and Alumni. You will get a "100% hands on experience" in playing together with fellow student.

"We will have a jam session with the students using this new product in development, followed by a discussion about future possibilities for music creation processes, live performance, gaming and what is the point of it all?"

If you join the beta you will be able to join the session at SAE.

Language: English


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