Listen 2017 – workshops by FTRSND

30 mar 2017
19:00 to 21:30
30 mar

For this edition of Listen FestivalCréatis, résidence d'entrepreneurs culturels presents a series of workshops by FTRSND curated by SAE Institute Brussels.

These workshops will be given in English and are aimed at producers with already some knowledge and background.


Workshop #1: Strategies of communication for artists - 16 March 2017

Todiefor (Sony Music Belgium, BBC Asia)
The 22 year old Brusseleir Todiefor might not be on your radar yet, but he will be soon – and he’s gonna hit hard. After years of building an audience for his bass heavy music on Soundcloud, he signed with Sony Music Belgium last month. Some say we’ve heard all there is to hear in the trap and bass spectrum, but obviously they haven’t heard the creativity and versatility of this young wolf yet. 

Mailys Charlier 
Journalist, web writer, artist reporter,… She’s been in charge of Brussels Electronic Marathon’s press and social media and works today for Coudenberg’s communication.

- Laetitia Van Hove (PR - Fifty fifty session organiser - ex EMI)
10 ans d'expérience en tant qu'attachée de presse dans la musique. 7 ans chez Emi Music, avant de monter sa propre structure free-lance. Laetitia s'occupe de Fishbach, Petit Biscuit, Mickey, Tim DUP, Papooz, Barbagallo, Woodie Smalls, Alex Germys, etc... ). Créatrice des Fifty Fifty Session, concept de découvertes musicales une fois par mois à Bruxelles.

Workshop #2: How to perform live: 4 different approaches - 23 March 2017

Cabaret Contemporain (techno with acoustic instruments)

- Shakmat Modular (modular synths)
Shakmat is Bishop Dust's new project creating melancholic soundscapes comprised of deep oceanic textures, subtle subterranean drones, cerebral rhythms, and musique concrete. All these sounds are generated by a complex modular synthesizer system.

- Epitome (hardware live)
Expect to find beauty into darkness, rays of light through shadows colours between shades of black. It’s all about live and machines, nothing recorded, everything played on hardware. It’s something you have to experience live because it doesn't exist anywhere else.

- sonøren (ableton push)
Sonøren's (Andri Søren) music is largely made from field recordings which form the basis of the textures and atmospheres that personify his sound. Performances are often completely improvised, where he himself doesn’t know what will happen in the next 10 minutes. He has performed at Ancienne Belgique, Beursschouwburg, Fuse, Iceland Airwaves, and TEDxBrus.

Moderated by Olivier Colot, FTRSND co-founder, Electronic music artist, concert flute player, movie.

Workshop #3: Track deconstruction inside an artist's work - 24 March 2017

R.O (Sony Majestic, Inspector Dubplate)
Olivier Rugi aka R.O is a small genius of deep and shaking beats, interspersed with delicious cracks, all coated with melodies always Soul, offering a magic particularly rare live. Sometimes sombre, sometimes funky, RO has seduced the Australian label Adapted Records as well as artists such as Pretty Lights, Big Gigantic, Tha Trickaz, Mr. Bill, The Geek x Vrv, OPIUO, Pusher, Inspector Dubplate and many others.

- Lunar Convoy (Norite records, Techno Scene)
Hailing from Bordeaux (France), Souleiman initiated his Lunar Convoy project when he moved to Brussels in 2015. Since then, he released a handful of tracks on top of his debut ep on NORITE, an imprint he co-runs with Miloyko and Foreign Material. He displays his love for deep and hypnotic vibes through -vinyl only- djsets. His recent productions showcase a real interest in the eerie side of techno music.

Workshop will be followed by FTRSND's Tribe Drink ;)


Workshop #4: Discover creative strategies for creation - 30 March 2017

Sparkling Bits (Jeremy Janssens)
Is a beglian duo that started to play together in 2005. They come from a more electronic background and like to blend these sound with more raw stuff, warm old sounds, cranky noises and some concrete recordings. A strange blend not easily definable they would love to share with you. Some places you might have seen them : Fuse, Ancienne Belgique, Dour Festival, MIMA musem,…

- Seiswork (Clement Parmentier)
Seiswork is a belgian artist and theorist, more known as Clément Parmentier. He is a composer, performer, sound designer, visual artist, DJ and theorist of arts. His art is very eclectic and crosses all existing forms of writing media (composition and performance of electronic music, music video and video art) but also technical plastics creation (painting, drawing, sculpture, installations).

- Adrien Glineur
Currently studying at Art² in electroacoustic music composition, Sound design, and music for video. He makes beats, drum&bass, electroacoustic music, music for drama, film, video installation… He tries to combine all these approaches in his sound. (He’s not limited by genres). His work is based on field recordings, common recording’s noise, synthesis. All these sounds are principally canalized in a dance way.

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Workshop #1: Strategies of communication for artists - 16 March 2017
Workshop #2: How to perform live: 4 different approaches - 23 March 2017
Workshop #3: Track deconstruction inside an artist's work - 24 March 2017
Workshop #4: Discover creative strategies for creation - 30 March 2017

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