Masterclass guitars maker By Tao Guitars

16 nov 2017
18:30 to 20:30
Masterclass guitars maker By Tao Guitars
16 nov

Guitars Maker
 By Tao Guitars


Thursday 16th November 2017
Exclusively at SAE Brussels
From 6.30pm to 8.30pm


Discover the fascinating work of luthier with John & Serge! 

They started Tao Guitars in 2006 in their home-town of Brussels. Building upon expertise in repair, Tao quickly developed a reputation for excellence among the local and rapidly the international guitar community. They, for example, designed Billy Gibbons’ guitar (ZZ Top).

Their goals had always been to design and produce their own instruments.

The vision was then, and still is today, to mix a vintage flair with post-modern styling in which each instrument is a unique masterpiece with the best playability and refinement at every level of detail, including parts that are not necessarily visible to the player.

So register now, take advantage of John & Serge’s know-how and appreciate this unique Masterclass!


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Limited seats/Workshop in English/ Free 

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